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Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you may not know what steps to take in order to protect yourself and recover as many people do not know if they need an attorney. At the Roxell Richards Law Firm, we want you to understand your rights and have the information they need to make the correct decisions following an injury.

Below, we provide insight into your needs and whether seeking the help of an attorney can benefit you. If you need further answers to your questions, call our legal team at (713) 974-0388  or toll free at 1-877-7rights and receive a free initial consult.

Who Caused Your Accident?

Knowing who caused your accident is vital factor. This will determine whether or not you have a legal case. Therefore, if your injuries were not caused by you, but by another person, company or group, you have the right to pursue your claim for compensation. This is because when this person and or company or group causes an accident through their own negligence which results in injuries that can be held liable.

Have You Been in Contact with Insurance Representatives?

Immediately after an accident you may be contact by insurance representative on behalf of the person who caused your accident, however, they are not your friend. They have only one goal which is settle your claim at minimal value. They may also, tell your additional information to make you feel as though you should take their offer and sign their release.  Please do not fall victim to this trained individual, contact a legal professional who will help you resolve your matter favorably with no hidden agendas other than to see you win.

Did You Need Medical Care for Your Injuries?

If your injuries require medical attention, please do not hesitate. Often immediately after an accident, you may not feel the need to seek help, however the next day will most likely your body will manifest severe pain. Please see medical help. Furthermore, if your injuries are the type that require surgery, there is a chance the policy of the adverse party may not cover all of your medical bills. Therefore, a skilled attorney is need to help ensure you get the fair compensation and that your medical bills are covered.

Did You Miss Work Due to Being Injured?

Under Texas Law, if you miss work, you are also entitled to lost wages. You may be absent from work, no longer be able to work, or be demoted because you can no longer do your job. Therefore, an attorney can help your calculate the amount of your lost wages and or other compensation if you are a homemaker.

Are You Dealing with Disabilities?

Dealing with a long term or short term disability can require extensive financial resources. The at-fault party will likely be dismissive towards such claim and not want to pay the steep costs caused by your disabilities. An attorney can investigate your disability and determine your long term needs and collect the required evidence needed in order to proof such a claim under the law and calculate your compensation that is right for you. Additionally, our office also handles disability cases.

Were You Injured at Work?

If you were injured on the job, you are entitled to compensation. However, if your employers carries workers compensation insurance, you claim for compensation will be facilitated through this. Through such benefits, you can collect as long as your were hurt on the job and injured doing job duties.  Although, you may collect through such benefits, your claim may be disputed by your employer and or the insurance carrier. An knowledgeable attorney can help fight and be resolved favorably.

Was a Family Member Hurt or Killed?

If your loved one, one hurt or killed, you may entitled to bring a claim on behalf of the injured or deceased. You will need an attorney to help you prove your claim to seek compensation for your claim and or the estate of your loved one.

How Can I Learn More About My Rights?

If you need more information about your accident, get in touch with the legal team at the Roxell Richards Law Firm by calling (713) 974-0388.  There is no fee unless you will your case and you can better understand your rights and best course of action concerning your specific incident. With our help, you can protect your rights and begin the path to recovery. 

Call Roxell Richards Law Firm at (713) 974-0388 and start your case today with no upfront costs today.

If you’ve been injured, WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU. There are a variety of ways you can speak with us. You can schedule an appointment at our Houston office, speak to us over the phone, video conference via Skype, schedule an appointment online, we can come to you, or you can sign up online. Whatever is convenient for you is convenient for us. With our free initial consultations, you don’t have to worry about any out-of-pocket costs. So contact us today to discuss your case, set up an appointment, or schedule a visit anywhere.





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