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Dog Bites

Dogs can be man’s best friend, but under an irresponsible owner can also very dangerous. A serious dog bite can result in deep tissue scars and permanent muscle damage. Children can suffer from even worse physical damage and brutal psychological trauma and emotional stress. Dogs often bite in the face, hand, lower arm, and groin area, particularly sensitive parts of the body. A dog bite lawyer can make claims and earn you monetary compensation for any dog bite injuries and resulting personal emotional distress. Dog bite victims deserve necessary and just compensation for their damages.  

Houston Dog Bite Lawyer

If you or a child in your family is a dog bite victim, Roxell Richards and Associates dog bite lawyers are in your corner. We take dog bites seriously and care for our dog bite victims. Our dog bite lawyers have offices in Houston and serve dog bite victims throughout Texas. We specialize in helping dog bite victims with a focus on general focus on personal injury and child injury cases. Take the first step in remedying your dog bite victim and take action. Contact Houston’s leading dog bite lawyer.

Texas Dog Bite Law Information Center

Dog bite injury laws in Texas can be very success and difficult to navigate. Texas follows the “one free bite” rule. In the case of most breeds, the courts may not place liability on the pet owner if the dog has no previous record of a bite or attack. It is important to thoroughly investigate the case to determine whether the dog has bitten multiple dog bite victims or if the owner was negligent in handling the dog. If a dog is deemed by a Court to be dangerous to the public, there can be severe consequences for both the owner and the dog.

In addition, children are often dog bite victims, often from a dog with which they are familiar. It is often difficult to determine whether the dog bit the child as a result of rough play or whether the dog was provoked. Many dog owners will protect their dog’s reputation at the expense of a dog bite victim. Therefore, the investigation into a dog bite case starts immediately and an experienced dog bite lawyer should start as quickly as possible. Additionally, the CDC has helpful advice on how to prevent a dog bite and how to recover from a vicious dog bite. If you or someone you know is a dog bite victim, you should contact a dog bite injury lawyer and follow these guidelines. Please call (713) 974-0388.

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