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General Negligence

  • Negligence occurs whenever another person, entity, or company acted negligently to cause injury or harm. Legally speaking, the word negligence means failure to deliver reasonable care.
  • The liability in negligence cases rests on the side of the business or person providing services. If you have a medical negligence case, the liability belongs to the hospital or medical professional. In the case of a workplace accident, the employer or supervisor may be found to have been negligent.
  • The types of damages in general negligence cases varies. If damaged, you can be compensated for several different types of harm. Negligent cases can hold defendants liable for harm to the plaintiff’s body, property, mental well-being, financial status, or intimate relationships.

However, it is impossible to gain compensation for any of these damages without a negligence or personal injury lawyer. Negligence and liability laws are very murky and you will not be able to reach a favorable settlement on your own. Hiring an experienced attorney is your best chance at winning a negligence case in civil court.

Houston Negligence Lawyer

  • Roxell Richards and Associates have decades of combined experience with the law and winning personal injury negligence cases. We will be able to set up your case in negligence instances such as slip and fall cases, negligent security, negligent medical professional, negligent building design, and hotel negligence.
  • If you or someone you know has been harmed because of someone else’s negligent actions, the quicker you act, the quicker you can recover compensation for damages and other losses.
  • Roxell Richards has lengthy experience with negligence cases in the Greater Houston area and throughout the state of Texas.

Texas General Negligence Law

  • General negligence laws and liability applies in many areas such as, medical malpractice, wrongful death, defective products, and car accidents
  • Negligent landlords,business owners, and employees are responsible for thousands of injuries every year.

The remedy for negligent crimes is always an award of damages. Roxell Richards can maximize your compensation for damages, after a free consultation Please call (713) 974-0388.


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