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Medical Malpractice

If you were treated negligently by a doctor or by a medical professional, you may wind up waiting a long time for the responsible doctor or nurse to own up to his or her inexcusable mistake. For financial reasons, hospitals in Texas are hesitant to own up to liability, even when an obvious error has been made. To hold a negligent hospital accountable you need to approach the responsible party teamed with an experienced and aggressive medical malpractice attorney to look at your situation. Medical malpractice and hospital negligence falls below the accepted standard of practice in the hospital and medical community. These crimes lead to birth injuries, spinal cord injury, paralysis, excessive surgeries, amputation, misdiagnosis, serious personal injuries, or even wrongful death. If you wish your medical malpractice lawsuit to be successful, you can expect Roxell Richards and Associates’ lawyer to fight for a beneficial outcome, and to get the compensation that you deserve.

Houston Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The Houston, Texas, medical malpractice lawyers at Roxell Richards & Associates represent clients in all types of medical malpractice matters, including:

  • Birth injuries, including but not limited to pregnancy complications, brain damage, and childbirth defects
  • Prescription of dangerous drugs such as Avandia, Paxil Actos, and Oxycontin  
  • Hospital negligence and all of its forms
  • Physician errors, surgical errors, failure and incorrect diagnosis
  • Nursing and nursing home negligence
  • Defective or malfunctioning medical devices

Unfortunately recent Legislation in Texas has made it more difficult for injured patients and their family members earn just compensation medical malpractice cases. At Roxell Richards and Associates, we pursue medical malpractice cases aggressively and intently. With decades of experience, we know how to evaluate medical malpractice and personal injury cases. We can give you helpful legal guidance as to the prospects of recovery in your case. If you have been the victim of medical malpractice in Texas, you may be able to obtain compensation for your losses and suffering. Our Houston, Texas, medical malpractice attorneys are ready to fight for your rights and your future. For a free initial consultation with a Houston medical malpractice lawyer call (713) 974-0388.(toll free 1-844 7-RIGHTS).

Texas Medical Malpractice Law Information

Scarily, thousands of Americans are victims of medical malpractice and hospital negligence each year. The most common causes of medical malpractice and hospital negligence are miscommunications between medical professionals and faulty medical equipment. Texas law places a two year statute of limitations on medical malpractice claims in civil court. The best way to right a medical malpractice instance, to contact a personal injury as soon as possible and evaluate validity of your case. Additionally, the Texas Medical Association has great details on hospital negligence cases.  

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