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Recreational Accidents

Recreational Injuries can encompass a variety of child sports and recreation injuries. Millions of children participate in sports and other recreational activities. All that play can come with a risk. Sporting accidents can and often do cause serious injuries. Children’s small and malleable bones leave them exposed to neck, spinal cord, joint, and brain trauma injuries. In such cases, the sports organization, sport and recreation product manufacturer, and child supervisors have responsibilities and guidelines they must adhere to. If these people to not follow these “standards of care,” they are can be found liable for child sports injuries and damages. Most sports injuries are accidents but if they could have been prevented, the injured party can sue and recover compensation for damages.
Sometimes organizations do not maintain  safe sporting equipment and playing fields. Other times coaches, teachers, or supervisors force children to play after sustaining an injury or facilitate reckless and dangerous activities.  In some cases, sporting and recreational gear companies distribute faulty, defective, and unsafe equipment gear to children. A child sports injury lawyer can provide justice if someone has unlawfully put your child in danger.

Houston Child Sports Injury Lawyer

Roxell Richards and Associates provides aggressive representation in the greater metropolitan Houston area and throughout Texas. Our firm focuses almost exclusively on personal injury cases, from child sports injuries to child care accidents and other child accidents involving negligence. Big insurance companies will not intimidate us. Civil defense attorneys understand that our Houston child sports injury lawyers mean business. We have the experience, resources, and technology to handle complicated civil cases while giving our clients and their families the personal attention they need and deserve. The insurance companies have teams of lawyers and practically unlimited resources, so you need to level the playing field with an experienced Houston personal injury lawyer. We offer free consultations and expert legal advice.

Texas Child Sports Injury Law Center

We handle all types of child sports and recreational injury accident cases. Contrary to popular belief, sports and recreational activity waivers do not prevent sports programs, camps, and child supervisors (coaches, teachers, and counselors) from any legal liability. A waiver does not necessarily prevent you from taking legal action if your child is injured or harmed through sports or recreational activities. You can contact us at 1 (844) 774-4487 for a free consultation.
Of course, it is ideal that these child sports injuries be prevented before they occur. A child sports injury lawyer can only help your child after he or she is hurt in a child sports injury. Make sure your children are always equipped with appropriate protective gear while playing sports. It is also important to make sure your children practice skills and learn the proper instructions before engaging in potentially dangerous activities. Practice proper form and allow your children to be conditioned. The CDC has specific instructions for participating in sports and recreation safely. Be a role model for your children and demonstrate safe behavior and practices.Roxell Richards and Associates offers free consultations for victims of Recreational Injuries.Please call (713) 974-0388.


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