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Roxell Richards

Have you or a loved one been injured or have you lost someone due to some unfortunate event caused by someone or something? Dealing with such an unfortunate event can be traumatic and overwhelming.
You may have a lot of questions such as Who is going to pay the medical bills? Can I file a lawsuit? Do I have case? What are my rights? Should I get a lawyer? Who is going to handle my property damage? In the alternative, you may be faced with medical bills, communication with insurance companies, legal questions, getting treatment, getting unexpected bills just to name a few.
Whether you are injured in an accident, lost someone due to an accident caused by someone or something, or know someone who has been injured due to a dog bite, slip and fall or any other aliment, you are not alone, I can help. Get the compensation you deserve!
My name is Attorney Roxell Richards and I help injured people get the help and compensation they deserve. Before focusing on personal injury, I have spent the past 11 years honing my craft in law and being an attorney, I have handled everything from criminal law, immigration, family law, estate planning, intellectual property, business law, entertainment and have been acted as general counsel for one of Houston’s largest health care center. I am licensed in Texas and California as well as federally licensed.
As someone who has personally dealt with an injury claim, I understand what you may be going through. This is why my team and I handle each case vigorously and passionately because I want you to win. I have made it my passion to help those injured or who have lost someone because of an unfortunate accident.
After my experience as a health care attorney, handling some wrongful death claims, and my clients fueling my case docket with mostly injury claims, I decided to make injury my primary focus. I knew that people needed someone who would fight for their pain and suffering and go the extra mile for them. I love helping people as well as sharing my knowledge in understanding our legal rights. This is why I have a dedicated staff organized to help you with your case at each and every stage from property, investigation, legal research, medicals, filing suit and litigation.


Professional Affiliations & Memberships

  • Certified Mediator
  • Certified Probate Court Ad Litem
  • Phi Alpha Delta
  • Texas Young Lawyers Association
  • Texas Criminal Lawyers Association
  • Houston Bar Association: Oil, Gas, and Mineral Section
  • Sports Lawyer’s Association

Bar Admissions

  •        State Bar of Texas




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